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For 75 years, Jeep® Brand vehicles have inspired man to dream and to dare. To go farther, live larger and explore every corner of this amazing world.

Our vehicles have been, and always will be, vehicles for dreamers and doers – they forge an extraordinary, uncommon bond with the drivers who choose to get behind the wheel.

Adventure is a part of the DNA of every Jeep® Brand vehicle ever built and as long as curiosity drives man to explore the edges of heaven and earth, the Jeep Brand will continue to inspire him to go beyond.

-Mike Manley, Head of Jeep® Brand

the 75th anniversary editions

Inspired by our legendary heritage and re-imagined for the modern day adventurers, our limited edition 75th Anniversary Edition lineup features available Jeep® Brand 4x4 capability, bold bronze accents, exclusive new colors and 75th Anniversary edition badges commemorating our proud history.

Jeep 75th Anniversary Edition Models


While every Jeep® Brand vehicle has contributed to our legendary place in history, these vehicles are the icons that built the brand and had a monumental effect on how the world sees adventure.


The true stewards of the Jeep® Brand are our millions of owners and fans worldwide. Your journeys and adventures are the connective tissue that unites us.

Tell your story and help the spirit of the brand live on.

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