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Jeep Renegade Life Side Streets Boulder
These are the influential millenials who are charting a new course in some of the most exciting and vibrant up-and-coming cities in America. They are living the lives of modern pioneers, exploring new territories and paving a nontraditional road.

Creating your
own future

Andrew Hyde believes entrepreneurship is our future. As the creator of Startup Weekend, he’s working to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship in countries all around the world. Participants are invited to dream, plan and launch business ideas, all over the course of an intense three-day weekend. He preaches the gospel of believing in yourself and building your own future. After finishing university, he settled in Boulder and gave himself a year to figure out his future. Eleven years later he’s living the life of his dreams with lots of travel, amazing outdoor adventures and a community of stimulating, fascinating people to learn from.

Jeep® Renegade

See the possibilities and redefine adventure. Throw away your maps and chart a new course. The All-New 2015 Jeep® Renegade can handle whatever is over the horizon.

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