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Jeep Renegade Life Side Streets Oakland
These are the influential millenials who are charting a new course in some of the most exciting and vibrant up-and-coming cities in America. They are living the lives of modern pioneers, exploring new territories and paving a nontraditional road.

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After years in the fast-paced world of New York fashion magazines, Melissa Davis packed it all up and brought her Renegade spirit west – first to San Francisco and finally settling in Oakland. Her desire to live "by her own set of rules" brought her to Oakland, where her upstart fashion PR company Ruby Press is helping set the tone and the fashions in one of America’s newest ‘it’ spots. But she’s not just spreading the word to her inner circle, she literally wrote the book on what’s making Oakland thrive. Called ‘This is Oakland: A Guide to the City's Most Interesting Places,’ it is a photo-driven travel / guide book that profiles 90 of the most interesting places to visit in Oakland – from cafes to boutiques – and the innovators who own them.

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