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Jeep Renegade Life Side Streets Portland
These are the influential millenials who are charting a new course in some of the most exciting and vibrant up-and-coming cities in America. They are living the lives of modern pioneers, exploring new territories and paving a nontraditional road.

Turning wood
into gold

Eric Singer was born with a gift for making things and a determination to do it his own way. He’s used those gifts to create and grow a Portland-based company of craftspeople making a unique product – Shwood wooden framed sunglasses. He made his first pair ten years ago from a branch chopped from a neighbor’s tree. He launched Shwood in 2009 and since then, has been revising and perfecting his designs. Today, Shwood sunglasses are carried in high fashion stores around the world. He loves Portland for its inspiring natural beauty, abundant opportunities for snowboarding and for the makers and doers who flock to the city to make their mark.

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