Jeep Renegade Life X Ambassadors
X Ambassadors
The band behind the #1 hit is the perfect voice to represent the Renegade spirit.
Follow the band as they head home to upstate New York to shoot their video, go for a spin in the woods and gather around the campfire. Then check out their trip to Berlin as they bring their music to the Juventus Football club celebrations.
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Renegade Life X Ambassadors
X Ambassadors' music is all about exploration: looking for new ways to combine acoustic, electric and electronic sounds then adding some hip hop or massive arena rock riffs to make something all their own. The band is made up of singer/songwriter Sam Harris, his keyboardist brother Casey Harris and childhood friend and guitarist Noah Feldshuh. They added drummer Adam Levin in 2010 to complete the lineup. They've released three EPs and their music has been featured on TV shows, in video games and in movies. Their song "The Jungle," a collaboration with Jamie N Commons, was featured in a commercial, in multiple movies and TV shows.

Download their smash hit RENEGADES
from their new album VHS.

Renegade Life X Ambassadors Concert


Get to know more about X Ambassadors straight from the mouth of singer/ songwriter Sam Harris.

see them live
this summer

AUG 20 Boston, MA

AUG 21 Pittsburgh, PA

AUG 22 Minneapolis, MN

AUG 23 Wantagh, NY

SEP 12 Charlotte, NC

SEP 13 Detroit, MI

SEP 15 Portland, ME

SEP 17 Buffalo, NY

SEP 18 Rochester, NY

SEP 19 Atlanta, GA

SEP 25 Las Vegas, NV

OCT 9 Colorado Springs, CO

OCT 10 Morrison, CO

OCT 21 Washington, DC

OCT 22 New York, NY

OCT 23 New York, NY

OCT 25 Philadelphia, PA

OCT 27 Richmond, VA

OCT 28 Saxapahaw, NC

OCT 30 Birmingham, AL

NOV 1 Nashville, TN

NOV 3 Chicago, IL

NOV 4 Minneapolis, MN

NOV 7 Kansas City, MO

NOV 9 Dallas, TX

NOV 10 Dallas, TX

NOV 11 Austin, TX

NOV 13 Tucson, AZ

NOV 14 Los Angeles, CA

NOV 15 San Diego, CA

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2015 Jeep Renegade Life X Ambassadors Concert Map
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